ORGAN OF THE WEEK ~ 03/26/13

This Three-Manual pipe/digital combination Quantum™ baroque-style organ console will be installed in Sweden.
This cabinet is a one-of-a-kind design, made of a special European Oak wood.

The console features:

  • Allen pipe interface system
  • Baroque-style, European Oak console with a custom finish
  • Music Rack: adjustable, solid-wood
  • Drawknobs: rosewood stems, Elite-style, white faces
  • Square-style keycheeks; rosewood with European oak inlays
  • Keyboards: black sharps and white naturals; red felt above manuals
  • Rosewood center rail
  • White pistons; rosewood piston strips
  • Pedalboard: European; unstained oak sharps and maple naturals
  • Chrome toe studs
  • Allen Fibre-1 System
  • Adjustable-height bench
  • Reed Switch Keying

Click to see this special console as it was being built