Organ of the Week

This combination pipe and digital Four-Manual Quantum™ instrument will be installed in Plano, Texas.

  • The console features:
    • Oak console with a custom finish matched to customer samples
    • Lighted, adjustable-height, rigid, solid wood music rack
    • Tab Stops: white with black engravings (MIDI in black with white engraving)
    • Drawknobs: white stems with white faces
    • Custom engravings
    • S-style keycheeks
    • Custom engravings
    • Keyboards: black sharps and white naturals; parallel keyboards; red felt above manuals
    • White pistons
    • Chrome toe studs
    • Pedalboard: black sharps and maple naturals
    • Adjustable bench
    • Reed Switch Keying
    • Audio Expansion Package