Organ of the Week

This Quantum™ three-manual organ features Allen's Quantum 40th Anniversary Package, which includes a two-tone console with walnut exterior and oak interior, walnut key sharps and pedal sharps, walnut drawknob stems, maple drawknob faces and brass toe studs. It is scheduled for installation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • The console features:
    • Quantum™ 40th Anniversary Package
    • Walnut-finish exterior, oak-finish interior
    • Cathedral-style side overlays
    • Folding, lighted, lattice-style music rack
    • Walnut-finish divisional divider strips
    • Drawknobs: walnut stems with maple faces
    • Tab Stops: white with black engravings (MIDI in black with white engraving)
    • S-style keycheeks
    • Keyboards: walnut sharps, white naturals, red felt above manuals
    • White pistons
    • Brass toe studs
    • Pedalboard: walnut sharps and maple naturals
    • Bench with molding
    • Reed Switch Keying
    • Allen Vista Navigator™