This combination pipe and digital Protégé™ two-manual instrument with an external speaker system is scheduled for installation in Roseville, California.

The console features:
• Allen pipe interface system
• Walnut Finish
• Quad Suite™ custom stop lists with display window
• Apron-mounted Console Controller
• Acoustic Portrait™
• Allen Hymn Player
• Lighted, acrylic music rack
• White stop tab overlays (black for MIDI)
• Square-style keycheeks
• Keyboards: black sharps, white naturals
• Keycheek pistons with LEDs
• White pistons
• Chrome toe studs
• Pedalboard: black sharps, maple naturals; Expression nameplates mounted on pedalboard
• Lift-lid bench
• Reflections™ Package
• Expanded audio (bass boost)
• Allen Ensemble™ Division