This two-tone walnut and oak finish Heritage™ four-manual instrument features a specially configured custom audio. It will be installed in the United Kingdom.

The console features:
• Walnut-finish exterior, oak-finish interior
• Oversize acrylic lighted folding music rack
• Walnut overlays on stop tabs with white engraving
• Walnut-stained Division divider strips and rocker tab molding
• Walnut drawknob stems with white faces
• Skinner-style keycheeks
• Keyboards: walnut sharps, Ivora naturals; red felt above manuals
• White pistons with black engraving; black pistons with white engraving; special configuration pistons are black with red engraving
• Chrome toe studs
• Pedalboard: walnut stained sharps, maple naturals; Expression pedal nameplates mounted on pedalboard; additional center pedal light
• Drawknob stems, key sharps, pedal sharps and rocker tab covers are finished to match exterior of console
• Adjustable-height bench
• Allen Vista™