This Heritage™ three-manual instrument with a two-tone, oak-and-walnut finish features Cavaillé-Coll with Orchestral specification and engravings. The final destination is a church in Ontario, Canada.

The console features:
• Oak-finish exterior, high-gloss walnut-finish interior
• Cathedral side overlays
• Lighted, adjustable-height, folding, lattice-style wood music rack
• Maple stop tabs
• Oak-stained Division divider strips
• Drawknobs: french style rosewood stems, maple faces, reeds in red, sequentially numbered
• Cavaillé-Coll stop list engraved in black (orchestral in red)
• Skinner-style keycheeks
• Keyboards: rosewood sharps, Ivora naturals, green felt above manuals
• Black pistons with white engraving
• Brass toe studs
• Pedalboard: rosewood sharps with maple naturals
• Adjustable-height bench with back rest
• Allen Vista™
• EAC™ (Expanded Audio Capabilities)
• Reflections™ Package