This Diane Bish Signature Series™ 50 Stop, Three-Manual instrument is scheduled for installation in a private residence in the state of New York.

The console features:
• Two-tone cherry-on-walnut finish
• Square side overlays
• Solid wood console back
• Music rack: lattice theatre-style, lighted, adjustable
• White stop tabs (black MIDI On Choir)
• Drawknobs: black stems, white faces
• Reeds and Orchestrals engraved in red; Couplers engraved in green
• Gold-tone Division divider strips
• S-style keycheeks
• Keyboards: black sharps, white naturals; red felt between manuals
• White pistons (red Tutti I and Tutti II)
• Chrome toe studs with red felt
• Pedalboard: Black sharps, maple naturals
• Lift-lid bench with molding
• Allen Vista™
• EAC™ (Expanded Audio Capabilities)