This beautiful two-tone, oak-and-walnut finish three-manual Quantum™ instrument is scheduled for installation in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. It has a special "M. P. Möller by Allen" nameplate. Its future includes a Festival Trumpet pipe addition.

The console features:
• Cathedral side-overlays
• Lighted, lattice-style, adjustable-height wood music rack
• Keylock On/Off switch
• Maple overlays on stop tabs
• Drawknobs: black stems with white faces; Reeds engraved in red
• S-style keycheeks
• Keyboards: black sharps, white naturals
• White pistons; keycheek piston with LED for Great Manual
• Pedalboard: black sharps, maple naturals; Expression nameplates mounted on pedalboard
• Adjustable-height bench with back rest and molding
• Allen Vista™
• EAC™ (Expanded Audio Capabilities)