St Anne's Church, Portmarnock, County Dublin, Ireland
Quantum™ 37 Stop / Two-Manual

St Anne's Roman Catholic Church was refurbished in 2007. For a number of years their old electronic organ was only partly working. A number of electronic organs were considered as well as combination pipe-and-digital organs. After visiting the Irish Allen Organ representatives, Jeffers Music Company in Cork, the church organists made the decision to purchase a new Two-Manual Quantum Q265D finished in custom American White Ash with a matching-finish adjustable-height bench. The church's three organists offer their comments regarding their new Allen:

"At a special Mass last week the organ came into it's own. The choir and congregation sang as never before. We attribute this to the wonderful support from our new Allen organ. I am really enjoying this new experience of the best of organ technology."
- Patricia Mackenzie, Organist.

"This instrument has exceeded all our expectations and we look forward to many productive years of organ-based church music on the new Allen digital organ."
- Colin Mackenzie, B. Mus.

"We are absolutely delighted with the new Allen 265D - compliments are never ending. Our new Quantum does all that is required of it in congregational and choral accompaniment and is superb in voluntary playing. Superlatives abound re: the new instrument."
- Tony O' Dwyer, Organist

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