This eye-catching, two-tone oak-and-walnut finish, 45 Stop / Two-Manual Heritage™ H-II 45D is scheduled for installation in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The console features:
• Lattice-style, lighted, adjustable-height music rack
• Gothic side-overlays
• Maple overlays on stop tabs
• Nameplates: Black with white engravings
• Drawknobs: Maple with maple faces; English Cathedral stops engraved in all caps
• Walnut-finish Divisional divider strips
• Keyboards: Black naturals with maple sharps; Green felt above manuals
• Skinner-style keycheeks
• Black pistons with white engravings
• Brass toe studs
• Pedalboard: Maple sharps and naturals
• Adjustable-height bench
• Console dolly
• OST™ Keying, Allen Vista™ and EAC™