ORGAN OF THE WEEK ~ 12/21/09

Allen Elite™ Opus VI, shown in Allen's Final Inspection area,
is a four-manual, 82 stop instrument with a 48 channel custom audio system and floating Echo Division.
It is scheduled for installation in Falls Church, Virginia.

The console features:

  • Two-tone, oak-and-walnut finish; two pedal lights
  • Lighted, lattice-style, adjustable-height music rack with acrylic cover
  • Keylock switch
  • Maple overlays on stop tabs
  • Drawknobs: rosewood stems with maple inserts; reeds engraved in red
  • Maple divisional cancels; oak-finish divisional divider strips
  • Skinner-style keycheeks
  • Keyboards: rosewood sharps with Ivora naturals; red felt above manuals
  • Black pistons with white engravings; keycheek pistons have LEDs
  • Maple Allen Elite™ nameplate
  • Chrome toe studs
  • Pedalboard: rosewood sharps with maple naturals
  • Expression pedal nameplates mounted on pedalboard
  • Adjustable-height bench
  • Oak-finish console dolly
  • Allen Vista™