This custom finish, two-tone walnut and oak Heritage™ H-IV 410 pipe and digital console is scheduled for installation in Englewood, Florida. It has a matching finish dolly and adjustable-height bench with a back rest. A Glockenstern is included, accessible by both drawknob and a toe stud.

The console features:
• Key-lock On/Off switch on left jamb
• Custom walnut finish Divisional divider strips
• Pedalboard: rosewood sharps with maple naturals; expression pedal nameplates
• Lighted, adjustable-height, lattice-style music rack
• Keyboard: rosewood sharps with Ivora naturals; black felt above manuals
• Skinner-style keycheeks
• Drawknobs: rosewood stems and faces
• Black nameplates with white engravings
• Rosewood overlays on stop tabs
• Keycheek pistons with LEDs
• Black pistons with white engravings
• Chrome toe studs
• Allen Vista™