This visually stunning, four-manual Heritage™ H487C pipe and digital combination instrument is scheduled for installation in Rancho Santa Fe, California. It includes Quantum™ Stoplist Library™ and Acoustic Portrait™ technology and Solo and Swell Antiphonal Divisions.

The console features:
• Custom, two-tone-walnut finish
• Lattice-style, adjustable-height music rack
• Drawknobs: rosewood stems, rosewood faces, white uppercase engravings with sequential numbering
• Tab Stops: rosewood overlays with white engravings
• Skinner-Style keycheeks
• Keyboard: rosewood sharps, Ivora naturals
• Pistons: black with white engravings
• Adjustable crank bench with back rest
• Pedalboard: rosewood sharps, maple naturals
• Allen Vista™ and Interlaced Audio™