This attractive "colonial finish" Heritage™ H-III 370 58 Stop Three-Manual instrument is scheduled for installation in Kinston, North Carolina. The white-painted exterior finish is complemented by a dark cherry-walnut interior finish. Note the special "Allen 70th Anniversary" Heritage nameplate.

The console features:
• Gothic side overlays
• Solid console back
• Wood lattice-style, folding, lighted music rack
• Black rocker tabs and pistons
• Skinner-style keycheeks
• Keyboards: Rosewood sharps; Ivora naturals; Reed switch keying
• Drawknobs: White stems; White faces with all-caps engraving; Reed stops engraved in red
• Pedalboard: Rosewood sharps; Maple naturals
• Chrome toe studs
• Adjustable-height bench with molding
• Real Xpression™ and Allen Vista™