ORGAN OF THE WEEK ~ 08/07/09

This Heritage™ H-IV 87C, shown in Allen's final test area,
is scheduled for installation in Nashville, Tennessee.
The beautiful two-tone oak finish goes well with the use of rosewood for drawknobs, sharps, and other details.

The console features:

  • Allen Praise Package consisting of OST™ Keying, Allen Vista™ and EAC™ (Expanded Audio Capabilities)
  • Interlaced Audio™
  • Lattice-style, adjustable-height lighted music rack
  • Rosewood stop tabs
  • Keyboards: rosewood sharps with Ivora naturals; green felt above manuals
  • Skinner-style keycheeks
  • Rosewood nameplate divisional cancels
  • Drawknobs: rosewood stems with maple inserts (reeds engraved in red)
  • Black pistons (red Tutti I and Tutti II pistons)
  • Pedal light
  • Brass toe studs
  • Adjustable-height bench with backrest
  • Pedalboard: rosewood sharps with maple naturals