Woodmont Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee
Heritage™ Q465C 87 Stop/Four-Manual Instrument

Early in 2009, Woodmont Baptist unanimously voted to purchase a new organ for their Sanctuary. In the fall of 2009 an Allen Heritage™ Q465C 87 Stop/Four-Manual instrument (which they helped design) became part of their unique blending of organ, voices, piano, and other instruments. Multiple voices from Allen's Stoplist Library™, the genius of Acoustic Portrait™, Interlaced Audio™ and Allen Vista™, plus the versatility of EAC™ (Expanded Audio Capabilities) are all combined in this magnificent organ.

Diane Bish, celebrated organ virtuoso, was chosen to perform the Dedication Recital on Woodmont's Heritage organ. The instrument was dedicated in the memory of Cullen and Helen Baker.

The beautiful console is finished in two-tone oak, accented by the use of rosewood for drawknobs, sharps, and other details. For a full accounting of its many features visit its "Organ of the Week" page at:

Woodmont's Organ Committee members were: Billy Davis (Organist), Richard Dickerson (Minister of Music), Clark Hudgins, Carolyn Lynn, Mary Pryor, Darlene Randolph, Logan Rogers, Keith Tobias and Carol Vaughan.

Dr. Jon Roebuck is the Senior Pastor at Woodmont Baptist. Rev. Richard Dickerson is Associate Pastor/Music and Worship. Jennifer Milligan is Music Assistant.

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