This impressive Heritage™ 79 Stop / Four-Manual instrument is scheduled for installation in Plantation, Florida. It features a custom oak finish with rosewood keyboard and pedal sharps.

The console features:
• Cathedral-style side overlays
• Adjustable-height bench with backrest
• Adjustable, lighted solid-wood music rack
• Keylock power switch
• Rosewood rocker tabs with white engravings
• Keyboards: Rosewood sharps with white naturals; Green felt above manuals
• Skinner-style keycheeks
• Black pistons with white engravings
• Drawknobs: Rosewood stems; black faces with white engravings
• Brass Toe Studs
• Pedalboards: Rosewood sharps with maple naturals; Expression Pedal nameplates
• Allen Praise Package: Allen Ensemble™, EAC™ and OST™ Keying
• Allen MIDI Assistant™