This visually striking "French terrace-style" Heritage™ H-III58C Three-Manual, 58 Stop combination pipe and digital instrument is scheduled for installation in Manassas, Virginia. Its custom drawknobs are only one of numerous interesting features:

The console features:
• Two-tone oak finish
• Adjustable-height solid-wood music rack
• Adjustable-height crank bench with molding
• Keylock switch
• Skinner-style keycheeks
• Black pistons (LEDs with keycheek pistons)
• Keyboard: rosewood sharps, black naturals; green felt between manuals
• Tracker Touch
• Drawknobs: rosewood stems with maple faces; English Cathedral stop list engravings with Orchestrals in red and Swell Solo voices in blue)
• Chrome toe studs in black finish bases
• Pedalboard: rosewood sharps, maple naturals
• Allen Vista™