North Carolina A&T State University,
Greensboro, North Carolina
87 Stop Four-Manual Quantum™

When North Carolina A&T State University's new chancellor, Dr. James Battle, wanted to improve the fine arts department of the university, their new music faculty member, organist and choral director, Mr. Travis Alexander, started pushing for an organ for the university. Mr. Alexander wanted to start an organ program and expand the overall music program at the university. Dr. Battle, a very fine musician, was 100% behind him.

Mr. Alexander was very familiar with Allen organs. Just four years earlier he selected a Diane Bish Signature Series DB-80 for his home church. After hearing and playing organs from several manufacturers, he wanted to have the best. Therefore, an Allen 87 Stop four-manual Quantum instrument with Allen Vista™ was recommended.

Richard B. Harrison Auditorium had just been renovated as a lecture hall and performing arts facility. There were no sound chambers in the building. An architect was employed to design chambers that fit between support beams and air-conditioning ducts. In late summer of 2008 the organ was ordered and it was installed in March, 2009. Mr. Rudy Lucente performed the final voicing and finishing of the organ.

The organ is on a dolly and has a quick-disconnect so that it can be moved off stage when not in use. Because the chambers are positioned in the front corners, portable stage monitors were designed to be moved and connected when choral and orchestral events are performed on stage with the organ.

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