Allen Elite™ Opus V, shown in Allen's Final Test area, will be installed in a Gastonia, North Carolina church. It is a two-manual, combination pipe and digital instrument. The console is custom finished walnut and curly-maple, with rosewood accents.

The console features:
• Adjustable-height, solid wood music rack
• Rosewood divisional dividers, rocker tab overlays and spacers
• LED indicators for Crescendo, Crescendo B, SFZ and PLNM
• Rosewood nameplates with white engravings
• Drawknobs: Elite-style with rosewood stems and maple faces
• S-style keyboard cheeks
• Parallel keyboards with rosewood sharps with Ivora naturals
• Black pistons; keycheek pistons have LED indicators
• Brass toe studs
• Pedalboard: rosewood sharps with maple naturals
• Adjustable, crank-bench with back rest