This beautiful Heritage™ 87 Stop four-manual console is shown in Allen's Final Test area. It is scheduled for installation in Ocean City, Maryland.

The console features:
• Custom "Allen" console nameplate
• English oak interior and exterior finish with matching adjustable bench
• Solid wood, lighted, adjustable music rack
• Extended Console Controller™ and Allen Vista™ drawer fronts
• Keyboards: white naturals with maple sharps; green felt above keyboards
• S-style keycheeks
• Reed-switch keying for Solo, Swell and Great; OST™ keying on Choir
• Drawknobs: walnut stems with maple faces; reeds engraved in red
• Divisional Cancel nameplates on drawknob jambs
• Tab stops: maple overlays with divisional nameplates
• Brass toe studs
• Pedalboard: unstained walnut sharps and maple naturals
• Reflections™ Package