This special oak finish Diane Bish Signature Series 58 Stop DB-58C is scheduled for installation in Deer Park, NY. It includes Allen Vista™, EAC™ and expanded audio.

The console features:
• Square side overlays (Signature Series Angels to be added before shipment)
• S-style key cheeks
• Gold trim, division dividers & brass plaque
• Adjustable, lighted theatre-style music rack
• Solid console back
• Keyboards: White naturals & black sharps
• Red-felt between manuals
• Drawknobs: Black stems with white faces
• White rocker tabs & pistons
• Color engravings: Orchestral voices and reeds engraved in red; couplers engraved in green
• OST™ keying
• Chrome toe studs
• Black sharps on pedalboard