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Suite Sounds Historique™ Historique III™ CD

The "Suite Sounds Historique™ Historique III™" CD demonstrates the remarkable capabilities of these compact, versatile and affordable organs.

Selections Recorded:
• Introducing Historique
• March Militaire in D - Schubert; Suite: Classic Allen
• Sine Nomine - Vaughan Williams; Suite: English Cathedral
• Three Noels - Guilmant; Suite: Cavaillé-Coll
• Fugue in G Minor (Little) - J.S. Bach; Suite: Arp Schnitger
• Chorale Prelude On Eventide - Parry; Suite: Aeolian-Skinner
• Ave Verum Corpus - Hazleton; Suite: Schlicker
• Just One Of Those Things - arr. Hazleton; Suite: Wurlitzer
• Pick Yourself Up - arr. Hazleton; Suite: Morton
• Funiculi Funicula - Lyn Larsen; Suite: Barton

These selections feature nine Suites and a variety of room acoustics. The CD contents can also be heard by navigating to the Demo Clips section of the Historique or Historique III product pages using the links below, or can be purchased directly through our Allen Store.


Historique III

Allen Store - Suite Sounds CD

Allen Integrated Assemblies Gains TÜV SÜD Certification

The Allen Organ Company is extremely proud to announce that our Allen Integrated Assemblies division, better known as AIA, recently received certification from TÜV SÜD America indicating that AIA implements a "Quality Management System" in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards! Allen Integrated Assemblies is a full service electronic and electro-mechanical contract manufacturer. Having been ISO compliant for many years, AIA offers printed circuit board prototype assembly, full printed circuit board production, assembly in both through-hole and surface mount technologies, including Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs), material procurement and handling, cable assemblies, complete systems and box builds, as well as full testing capabilities at both board and system levels. AIA also manufactures assemblies for Allen Organ Company.

This milestone has made AIA an even more outstanding organization, legitimizing its extensive track record, improving current systems, and equips AIA to exceed customers' expectations in the years to come.


Allen Integrated Assemblies website

AIA on Facebook!

Allen Organ accompanies the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Tour

As the links below indicate, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is currently touring with 3 airplanes, 11 buses and 1 Allen organ!

Allen featured in Custom Woodworking Business magazine

Allen Organ Company was recently featured in an article entitled "Sweet Sounds of Success" in the January issue of Custom Woodworking Business magazine. The two page article has Production Manager, Dan Hummel, describing some of Allen's vertical integration processes within the facility:

"Allen is also the most vertically integrated organ manufacturer in the world. Besides building our own wood cabinetry, the company assembles high-tech circuit boards with the latest surface mount technology. This high level of vertical integration enables the company the utmost control of quality and the flexibility to make changes relatively quickly, as demanded by our customers."

For those interested in woodworking machinery, the article also describes some of the top name equipment used within Allen Organs in the making of organ consoles.

To view the digital copy of this article, click this link and select the January edition, then select pages 16 and 17!

NEW! Q315 15 Rank/Three-Manual Theatre Organ

Q315 It's four organs in one!

15 Rank/Three-Manual Q315

Allen Organ Company recently introduced the Q315 Theatre Organ, successor to the Q311. This exciting instrument isn't just one organ; it's actually three complete theatre organs plus a classical organ, all in one console. In the past, many Allen theatre models included the capacity to voice the one theatre stop list in three different ways, but the Q315 takes versatility to a whole new level. It includes a complete list, each, of Wurlitzer, Barton and Morton stops, as well as a complete classical specification. It also has a larger specification than its predecessor.

The Q315 comes in two different configurations, one with an internal 2-channel audio system and the other with 4-channel external audio system. This augmented audio system imparts improved detail and spaciousness to the Q315E's sound.

Look for the Q315 ad that will run in the January issue of Theatre Organ magazine.

Contact your Allen dealer for additional information and pricing, or call 610-966-2202.

You can hear a sample of the new Q315 by clicking this link!

>>> More Q315 information

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Q215T 13 Rank/Two-Manual Theatre Organ

Q215T 13 Rank/Two-Manual
Theatre Organ

Sound effects included
on the Q215T

Allen Organ Company recently introduced the Q215T Theatre Organ, successor to the Q211T. This exciting instrument isn't just one organ; it's actually three complete theatre organs plus a classical organ, all in one console! In the past, many Allen theatre models included the capacity to voice the one theatre stop list in three different ways, but the Q215T takes versatility to a whole new level! It includes a complete list, each, of a Mighty Wurlitzer, a Golden-Voiced Barton and a Symphonic Morton, as well as a complete classical specification. It also has a larger specification than its predecessor.

And the sound is unbelievable! The Q215T features a multi-channel full-range internal audio system, dedicated acoustic enhancement speakers and patented Acoustic Dimension™ technology.

The Q215T also comes with a Persian Cymbal, Siren, Train Whistle, Horn, Bell Tree, and a Bird Tweet!

Look for the Q215T ad that will run in the May/June issue of Theatre Organ magazine.

Contact your Allen dealer for additional information and pricing, or call 610-966-2202.

Allen Played for 100,000

In September of this year, Pope Benedict XVI visited Germany. This was the 84-year-old pontiff's first Papal visit to his native country, but it was not the first time an Allen Organ has graced his Holiness with inspiring organ music! Allen organs have provided music for Pope Benedict's celebration of Mass in the United States, Australia and Portugal. On this occasion, an Allen three-manual digital organ was played during the open-air Mass at Freiburg Airfield, where some 100,000 people attended the service. The organ was provided by Musikinstrumente Cremer of Pulheim-Brauweiler Germany.

A Letter of Appreciation
What a Wonderful Experience!
St. Paul of Maybee, MI - Evangelical Lutheran Church

Several months ago, a new organ was just a "pipe dream". for Sharon Northrup, St. Paul's celebrated organist. Sharon had been playing the old Conn organ since 1973 when the organ was installed and she began her tenure at St. Paul's.

"The cost to replace the Conn seemed astronomical, considering the church's budgetary concerns." The call went out, and the response was amazing! Pledges large and small poured in, and St. Paul's could soon see that a new Allen was a real possibility---the result of true congregational teamwork! "...our old organ played like a keyboard", said Sharon, "This one plays like a pipe organ! And when I used the chimes, tissues were coming out downstairs! This is a tremendous worship offering!"

Below is a letter from Sharon to Evola Music, the local Allen Organ Dealer located in Bloomfield Hills and Canton, Michigan. Thank you, Sharon, for your kind words!

Allen Organ purchase from Evola Music Company
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Maybee, MI
September 21, 2011

What a wonderful experience we had working with Evola Music and Mr. Lance Luce. Things went so smoothly from start to finish.

Our church had an old Conn organ which served us well for 38 years. But when we began having problems and the builders of Conn Organ had gone out of business, we needed a new organ. We contacted Evola and met with Mr. Luce. He immediately came to our church in Maybee, Michigan to find out our needs. Without being "pushy" he was able to determine what was needed to supply a church the size of ours.

At this point we had NO funds to buy an organ and he volunteered to help us with a fund raising project. Being the stubborn German Lutherans we are, we decided to try it alone. In less than a month we had a secret pledge system in place and raised the $26,000 necessary to purchase our new Allen.


Watch the installation video here

To have their Cake and Play it too!

Michelle Schwartz, college student & church organist plays the real Allen Quantum 350 organ.

Allen Q350 Digital Organ

• Hand-crafted Cathedral Overlays
• Touch-Sensitive Keys
• Felted Keys
• Ivora Naturals & Wood Sharps
• Mechanical Stop Action Pistons

Belinda Teer, Music Director with the baked version of their Allen Quantum 350 organ.

Allen Q350 Cake Organ

• All natural Yellow cake batter
• Homemade 70% cocoa Icing
• Quality Ivory-colored fondant keys
• Hand crafted licorice expression pedals
• French dragee toe studs

Two Allen Quantum 350 organs debuted at the installation celebration at First Christian Church in Lufkin TX. The first organ satisfied the ears and hearts of the congregation while the baked version did the same for the appetite. Standing almost 3 feet high, the latter was unveiled and ingested just minutes after the former was joyfully played by an ecumenical cross-section of organists from First United Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church and a student from Stephen F. Austin State University in Lufkin, TX.

Commenting on the organ's versatility, Belinda Teer, Music Director at First Christian Church said, "Times are changing... this (organ) can sound like a string quartet, a grand piano or percussion. The possibilities are endless." Learn more about this congregation's vision for musical diversity in the article below published by the Lufkin Daily News:

"First Christian Church hopes for heavenly music with new organ" by Melissa Crager

"About two-and-a-half years ago, things started going wrong," Teer said. "The presets on the organ went out and you never knew what was going to happen. One Sunday morning we were sitting there and smoke started coming out of the back of it. A gentleman from Dallas would come and repair it. We could limp along with what we had, but we got to thinking, 'How much are we putting into the old technology?"

Allen Organ Sponsors the Da Vinci Science Center Initiative, Allentown, PA

The Da Vinci Science Center is leading a regional Summer of Manufacturing initiative which highlights the powerful manufacturing driving the economy and culture throughout eastern Pennsylvania. The Allen Organ Company, Macungie, PA, joins its Summer of Manufacturing co-sponsors with an interactive display and exhibit for Center visitors.

Children and adults alike have been clamoring to see and play the organ on display, the culmination of decades of leading technology, science, craftsmanship and quality components, most of which are made at the Allen Organ Company plant just a few miles from the Center. The finished product; an Allen Q300D displays its inner workings through a Plexiglas back while the history of the Company is told through a custom video kiosk.

Additionally, on August 11, Allen executives joined nearly 100 invited educators, industry leaders, and elected officials to discuss workforce development partnerships and initiatives in the region.

Following is a link to the Da Vinci Science Center website, the Allen Organ History video and Factory Tour video.

French astronaut purchases Allen organ

Dear Friends,

Last December we were pleased to inform you of an upcoming installation of an Allen organ in the residence of Mr. Jean-Loup Chrétien located in France. While every Allen organ owner has their own story as to how they developed an interst in organ music, Mr. Chrétien has a unique one. Mr. Chrétien is French astronaut who first flew into space in 1982 on a Russian rocket and worked on the Salyut space lab. In 1998 he flew as a NASA astronaut to the Mir space station via the U.S. Space Shuttle.

In 1971 Allen Organ Company introduced the Digital Computer Organ, the world's first musical instrument to use digital sampling and only the second consumer product of any type to use custom Large Scale Integrated IC's. The technology developed originally for America's Apollo space program ultimately led to the development of the Allen Digital Organ.

It is fortuitous that Mr. Chrétien's Allen organ is a CF-15DK, a special model commemorating the 40th anniversary of the introduction of Allen Digital Computer Organ. The significance of the relationship between the space program and his Allen organ was not lost on Mr. Chrétien, who with the assistance of our French representative Allen Studio Paris, posted a video on You Tube showing off his new organ with a link supplied below.

Organs have stood at the forefront of advanced technology for any time period, even when that technology was mechanical pipe organs. The Allen organ in astronaut Jean-Loup Chrétien's home serves as a reminder to us of the historical relationship between organs and technology.

For me it is an honor to receive communications from Allen owners from around the world. While the countries of origin and experiences are so different, it is humbling to realize that they are brought together into a family created by a love of music in which we play such an important role.

Steven A. Markowitz

Allen Organ Company Recognized by United States Congress

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Allen Organ chosen for Papal Mass in Scotland

Over the last several years, Allen Organ Company has had the honor and privilege of providing organs for use in many of the Pope's public celebrations of mass, including events in the United States, Germany, Australia and Portugal. Most recently, the U.K Allen representative provided an organ for a Papal mass in Scotland. The Directors of Music for that occasion were kind enough to acknowledge their appreciation in the attached letter. Kudos to Liz and Paul Arkwright and all the staff at Allen Organs Limited in England for their fine efforts!

Click here to read the letter from the Directors of Music

Real Value is Timeless -
A Letter From an Allen Organ Owner to Allen's French Representative

Dear Jean-Philippe,

Enclosed is the payment for your service visit for basic cleaning of the organ on 13th of November, 2008. I insist to confirm my satisfaction of having acquired, 20 years ago, an Allen organ. It's a real chance to have an instrument of such quality; after 20 years of service, without any breakdown, it only required a simple operation of cleaning.

Nowadays, everything lasts a short time. But an organ is not a refrigerator and we must make the good choice at the beginning. I'm titular for 28 years of the 40-stop classified Cavaillé-Coll of St-Jean-d'Elbeuf (Normandy-France). I can say that playing from this wonderful instrument to the Allen organ has been "musically speaking acceptable". That had not been the case with the instrument I had before, that paled into insignificance beside the king of the instruments.

Thanking you for your visit,

Faithfully yours,

Michel Lozach

Allen Provides Music for Papal Visit to USA

Allen Organ Company of Macungie, Pennsylvania has been chosen as the exclusive organ builder to provide instruments for the first Pastoral visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States between April 15th and 20th. Allen is pleased to provide a selection of large three and four-manual instruments for the three major public appearances that will be made by the Pontiff. On April 17th, the Pope will be celebrating Mass at the new Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. On Saturday, April 19th, His Holiness will be visiting with the youth and seminarians on the grounds of St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, New York. Finally, on Sunday, April 20th, a Solemn Pontifical Mass will be held at Yankee Stadium in New York City. Allen Organ Company is honored to participate in this historic occasion. Allen Organ is the largest builder of church organs in the world and has provided instruments for other Papal visits around the world.

Click here for details about Allen Organ at the 2008 visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Allen Provides Music for Papal Masses at the 2008 World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia

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Allen Provides Music for Papal Masses in Germany

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Allen Protégé L-4 delights Australian organist

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Allen Organ on Good Day Philadelphia

On Wednesday, September 21, 2005, Good Day Philadelphia (Fox 29 - WTXF) visited Allen Organ Company.

Via a satellite link-up from Allen Organ, reporter Nick Smith and his production crew featured live organ-building and employee interviews from Allen's Wood Shop, Final Assembly and Final Test areas. Three 2-1/2 minute segments plus corresponding short "teasers" were broadcast. Not only did Fox's TV audience learn first-hand about organ building, a number of Allen employees got to experience the unique excitement of live TV!

To see recordings of this live broadcast, please click below:

Virgil Fox Touring Organ

Click Here for more about First Digital Musical Instrument

Allen Organ Acquired by Smithsonian Institution

Allen Organ Company has announced that the world's first digital musical instrument, the Allen Digital Computer Organ, has been acquired by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. The organ was manufactured by Allen in 1971 and installed in St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, Easton, PA. In the mid 1990's, after being traded in for a new Allen organ, this organ was placed on display in Allen Organ's factory museum.

Allen Organ Company played a pioneering role in the development of digital sound. When introduced 1971, the Allen Digital Computer Organ was one of only two consumer products in the world to utilize digital technology. The other, the digital calculator, was introduced during the same year. Other musical instruments based on digital sound technology would not be offered for nearly a decade. In addition, the technology used in the Allen Digital Computer Organ was a significant step toward the development of many modern digital sound devices, such as CD's, MP-3 players, personal computer sound cards and much more.

Allen Organ Company has been committed to advancing the art of organ building through new technology for more than sixty years. In addition to introducing the world's first digital organ, Allen was granted the pioneering analog organ patent in 1938.

"We see the Smithsonian's decision to acquire this first digital musical instrument as an acknowledgement of the key role that Allen played in the development of digital sound technology," said Barry Holben, Vice President of Sales at Allen Organ. "This technology was groundbreaking in 1971, and set the stage for many other digital products that changed the way the world experiences music."