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Data Collection

"An Equal Opportunity Employer"
Affirmative Action Data
Allen Organ Company, LLC, is committed to equal employment opportunity and nondiscriminatory employment practices and policies. Applicants are treated during the employment process without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, sexual preference/orientation, medical condition, disability or status as a veteran, disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran.

In compliance with government regulations, including Affirmative Action responsibilities, we collect this data to fulfill our reporting responsibilities to the government. The completion of this form providing the information requested is voluntary. If you choose to volunteer the requested information, please be advised that this information is kept in a confidential file and is not a part of your Application for Employment to the company.

NOTE: Completion of this form is voluntary.
Completion or exclusion of any requested data will not affect any employment decision.

Sex:    Male    Female
  Equal Employment Opportunity Identification Group:

    Hispanic or Latino
    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
    White (not of Hispanic origin)
    Black or African American
    American Indian
    American Indian/Alaskan Native
    Two or more races

To apply for employment with Allen Organ Company and submit voluntary affirmative action information:
Please complete the form above and click "Submit With Voluntary Info and Continue".

To apply for employment with Allen Organ Company without submitting this information:
Please click "Continue - I do not wish to submit this information".