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Letter To Allen

INSTALLATION: Catedral Basilica de Manizales, Colombia, South America
Excerpts from a letter written to Allen Organ President Steve Markowitz regarding the prestigious 27 Stop, Two-Manual organ installation in the Cathedral Basilica de Manizales, Colombia, South America:

Today, at noon, during the People's Mass, was held the Liturgical Inauguration of our Allen organ and later this month (March 2015) we plan to have the Concert inauguration with Saint Saëns Third Symphony.

Unfortunately, the English language does not have the best adjective to describe the event, so I have to use a Spanish word. It was ¡APOTEÓSICO!; which means full of emotional recognition by many people.

Two of the best tenors of Colombia came to sing during the mass (Faure's Crucifixus, Bizet's Agnus Dei, etc.), and they said, "never have they felt such elegance, beauty and power of an instrument sound supporting their voices." Parishioners believed that a real pipe organ was being played. Even a priest commented: "How it is possible that those 40 pipes (from pipe façade) can produce those magnificent sounds? I felt like I was in a big European cathedral!"

Dedication of the Cathedral's new Allen Organ Photography by: Gonzalo Gallego
During the Communion I played Hyfridol, using the trumpet soundtremolo. Several people asked me where were the real trumpets!

The regional newspaper - La Patria - dedicated an entire page to this organ and the pipe façade which you can click here to view.

As you expected, we are very happy having this Allen organ. Even the Dean hired a full time organist to accompany all masses and ceremonies with Allen (something that had not happened in the last 40 years).

Thanks again, we will be in touch, and we hope that other priests and churches throughout my country have the will and resources to get an Allen Organ like this one!

With my best regards,

Luis Garcia
Organista Titular
Catedral de Manizales
Click here to view the entire organ Inauguration Concert as it was recorded, March 26, 2015!

INSTALLATION: The Church of the Good Shepherd, Mylapore, Chennai, India
The Church of the Good Shepherd Mylapore in Chennai, India recently installed a new Allen digital organ that replaced a 25 year-old organ which was in need of repair and the Chennai manufacturer was no longer in business.

The new Bravura organ is a 28 Stop, Two-Manual digital organ with four speaker cabinets. One set of speakers is mounted near the choir on the altar. The second set speaks with full power into the church. The installation was performed by Allen Organ representatives from Cologne, Germany.

The temperatures in Chennai might go up to 45 degrees Celsius or more during the day (113 degrees or more Fahrenheit) and the humidity is like a steam bath! For this reason there are the great number of ceiling fans used to cool down the room during the service. Attendance for church service is very high, and when at capacity, they will open all doors to the courtyard for added circulation. Even with all the additional environmental noise and a full singing parish, the Allen organ is heard above everything else!

The Church of the Good Shepherd Mylapore is located near St. George's Cathedral, which also houses an Allen organ which was installed in 2011.

Submitted by Thorsten Cremer
Allen Representative
Cologne, Germany

FOLLOW-UP: Cathedral of St. Phillip (Anglican Communion) Ile Ife Osun State, South West Nigeria
Last November, Bishop Odubogun, The Anglican Bishop of Ife Diocese in Ife, Nigeria, traveled to the Allen Organ factory to personally approve purchase of the 79 Stop, Four-Manual Bravura organ for the new Cathedral that was being built at that time.(see e-notes December 2014/ January 2015)

Pictures before and after show quite a transformation of the sanctuary from start to finish. The Bishop is pictured playing the organ the day of the service.
The room itself sounds fantastic! The Cathedral has six seconds of natural reverberation, so the Acoustic Portrait™ is not even needed! The organ also has a full antiphonal in the rear of the room. This Four-Manual Allen Organ is the biggest church organ in Osun State.

Allen Organ Nigerian technician Kehinde Joshua, who also travelled to Macungie for technical training, was responsible for the outstanding installation!

Submitted by Allen Representative Lanre Delano
Lagos, Nigeria

LETTER TO ALLEN: Concordia Lutheran Church, Nashville, Tenessee
Enclosed with this letter are some pictures of Concordia Lutheran Church, where I am the organist. Concordia is the mother parish of LCMS churches in Nashville, Tennessee. The sanctuary was erected in 1937, the other wing sometime in the 1950s.

The picture of the nave shows the round grille way above the chancel arch; the organ speakers are directly behind this grille. Thus the sound of the instrument comes from up high and the organ speaks directly down the long axis of the room. The hard plaster walls/ceiling and minimal amount of carpet give the room a bit of reverberation.

From sometime in 1972 until February 2013, Concordia was home to an Allen System 300 organ. During the early 1990s the former organist upgraded the instrument with a new tone generator board and speaker system. The organ continued serving the church well for many more years.

A few years ago, "Old Betsy" as I had nicknamed the organ, began showing symptoms of her age. In 2011 the church began an organ fund and an organ committee was formed and met with Don Cowan of Bill Jones Music, our local Allen Representative. Both an Allen Protégé and Chapel models were suggested. We decided to try the Protege model. It was brought to Concordia on a Sunday afternoon in February, 2013, and by late that afternoon I was giving the new organ (which I named "Gloria") a workout.

The Concordia congregation first heard "Gloria" at a Wednesday evening Lenten service. After that service several people mentioned how clear and bright the new organ sounded. One gentleman who is not a musician, said he liked the "crisp" sound of the instrument.

"Gloria" has been providing beautiful music for both Concordia and St. Andrew's (an Anglican parish which meets at Concordia) for two and a half years. Shortly after the organ was installed another organist played it for a funeral when I wasn't available to do so. One of the visitors stopped by the console and asked if it was a pipe organ!

I am still impressed with "Gloria's" versatility. The divided expression (something "Old Betsy" didn't have) makes balancing solo/accompaniment on preludes, etc. much easier. There has not been a single Sunday since the organ's installation that I haven't used several VISTA™ MIDI voices. It would be a rare occasion to find one of my pistons not having at least one VISTA™ voice set on it. I am firmly convinced that the church couldn't have obtained a more versatile instrument.

As you can tell, both the church and organist are thrilled with "Gloria." This instrument certainly is a valuable addition to the church and continues to inspire the Concordia and St. Andrew's Anglican congregations every Sunday!

- submitted by Melvin Potts, Organist
Concordia Lutheran Church

Allen Video on the Web

Submitted by Allen Organs' Dealer in France, Jean-Philippe Le Trévou, a new video from the recital of Pierre Pincemaille in Saint-Jean-aux Bois Church in France. In the July/August edition of e-notes we posted details about this Allen pipe combination organ.

  Watch Video:  Pierre Pincemaille in Saint-Jean-aux Bois Church

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