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Dear Readers:

We have all heard that "change is inevitable"! That phrase seems to lump "change" in the same category as a visit to the dentist; unavoidable, necessary and not much fun. But, change can be downright thrilling if you mix it with some sustainability!

We have been paying a lot of attention to product sustainability at Allen. Over the last few years, Allen engineers have been re-designing and re-inventing Allen console systems in a way that's both innovative and sustainable. The result is the new GeniSys™ console control system, described by engineers as "hardware-agnostic". That doesn't mean the software can't decide whether or not it believes in hardware, it means that the software isn't limited to only one type of hardware. With sustainable GeniSys Technology, today's Allen organs can take advantage of tomorrow's innovations. And, as hardware evolves, service parts can become upgrades instead of mere replacements. That means my wife will no longer be the only thing that improves with age!

I hope that the changes this summer brings you are as much fun as the new Allen models! Stop in and play one at your local Allen Dealer!

Best Regards,
Barry Holben
Vice President, Sales
Allen Organ Company


We are proud to announce CHANCEL™, the newest line of Allen digital organs! CHANCEL instruments provide legendary Allen sound and quality at the most affordable price points.

Allen's unique manufacturing capabilities, economy of scale and advanced technology make each Chancel model an incomparable value, from the modest Two-Manual, 23-Stop CF-3, to the comprehensive Four-Manual, 57-Stop CF-61.

Many Chancel models are also available with multiple stop lists and mechanical moving drawknobs as optional features.

Most Chancel models also feature Allen's new GeniSys™ Control system including Console Controller™ features plus a USB interface, Hymn-Player™ (automatically plays over 150 hymns), Sequencer, additional Capture Memories and much more!

For a demonstration of Chancel instruments, contact your local Allen Representative or call 610-966-2202!

INSTALLATION: Abbatiale de Saint-Jean aux Bois, France
Allen Organ Company is pleased to announce the installation of a digital-pipe combination organ in France! The organ at Abbatiale de Saint-Jean aux Bois includes 45 digital voices and 10 pipe stops with the console and digital voices manufactured by Allen Organ Company of Macungie, Pennsylvania, USA, and the pipes and casework supplied by Bernard Dargassies of MVGO, France.

The church is an 800 year-old historic building located about 40 minutes from Paris in the Compiègne region. To comply with the church's heritage and architectural style, the organ is positioned in the side of the nave, speaking toward the center. Fortunately, the building's acoustics disperse the organ's sound evenly throughout the sanctuary producing a spectacular result! The digital voices utilize 14 speaker cabinets installed behind the pipes which include a full-rank Trumpet en Chamade.

The organ's dedication concert was held on April 12, 2015. Representing Allen Organ Company was company President, Steven Markowitz, and Allen's French representatives, Jean-Philippe Le Trévou and Damien Simard. Representing the pipe builder was Bernard Dargassies. They joined an overflow audience who were treated to a concert by renowned organist Frédéric Blanc. Immediately prior to the concert, the organ was blessed by Archbishop Jacques Benoit-Gonnin.
While Allen Organ Company has been a leading provider of pipe combination organs in the United States and other countries for some years, this is the first such installation in France. Given France's rich organ tradition, Allen is especially proud of the new combination Allen-pipe organ in Abbatiale de Saint-Jean aux Bois church.

- submitted by Jean-Philippe Le Trévou

INSTALLATION: United Church of Christ, Iruma, Japan
The United Church of Christ, Musashi-Toyooka Church, was established in 1889. The church is located in Iruma, northwest of Tokyo, and the church's chapel was designed by W.M. Vories, an American architect. He was noted for designing many beautiful buildings all over Japan.

Due to new roadway plans to widen the main roads alongside the church, it was determined by the parishioners that the chapel should be relocated to a less traffic laden location. The interior of the beloved chapel would also be remodeled to be enjoyed by future generations.
The chapel's structure was to be reinforced to withstand earthquakes which are prone to the area. During one evening of the move process, which took about a year, an earthquake shook the area of Iruma. The leading contractor for the project and parishioner, was awakened by the commotion of the earthquake. Fearing the worst, he went to the chapel. Fortunately the chapel was not damaged!
The completion of the chapel's relocation was celebrated in September, 2014. A new BRAVURA two-manual, 27 Stop organ with 2 external speakers was installed. The new organ, its music, and the updated chapel will inspire generations!

- submitted by Len Matsunaka
Before and after the relocation and remodeling.

Perth, Western Australia: In-Home Installation for the Third Time
How often is it that a client will buy three products of the same brand, from the same salesman?

Recently, a purchase for a residence installation was upgraded for the third time in the home of Dr. David Newton of Perth, Western Australia. In 2001, Dr. Newton first purchased an MDS-2 Special. In 2005, he upgraded to a larger 38-Stop, three-manual Allen with an Ensemble™ unit fitted. An Allen VISTA™ expansion module was added soon afterwards.

Dr. Newton and his new Bravura

Dr. Newton upgraded for his third time to a Bravura three-manual, 58-Stop organ with the Allen Vista Navigator™. His new instrument contains 20 more stops than his former organ and also has seven tonal suites including Classic Allen, English Cathedral, Aeolian-Skinner, Cavaillé-Coll, Schlicker, Arp Schnitger and Orchestral!

To accommodate the limited space available in the installation, Allen Organ Company reduced the audio system from 10 channels down to five and provided a split console; so the organ console could fit through the front door of Dr. Newton's home.

- submitted by Ron Raymond

INSTALLATION: First Baptist Church, Birmingham, Michigan
The organ at First Baptist was a Möller pipe organ that was originally installed in 1929 then restored and expanded in 1973. By 2008 the organ console had become quite unreliable and the pipe restoration work of 1973 needed to be re-done. It was time to re-leather the pouches and actions inside the wind chests that control the air to the pipes. All of the pipework was cleaned and new swell shade motors were installed for better control of the expression of the sound.

Evola Music, the Allen Dealer for the Detroit area, was consulted and a new Allen console was chosen to operate the pipes. The Allen console also provided many new orchestral and additional organ sounds as well as record and playback capabilities.

This combination pipe and digital organ provides the best of both worlds with pipes and authentic digital sounds to serve the music ministry of Baptist Church of Birmingham for generations to come!

- submitted by Lance Luce

INSTALLATION: Surfers Paradise Catholic Church, Queensland, Australia
The Surfers Paradise Catholic parish recently celebrated the opening of their newest church at Broadbeach in Queensland, Australia. The new Stella Maris Church (pictured) is located opposite the beach. A customised Allen Bravura with Vista Navigator was installed just prior to the opening ceremony. This special order included a special color, tropicalized console to compliment the custom made furniture. External speaker cabinets are concealed high in the wall and disperse the sound evenly across the church.

There are three churches in the Surfers Paradise Catholic parish. Each of them contains the same Allen model with Vista Navigator and each is loaded with the same basic registration presets to allow any of their organists to play in any of the churches with familiar settings.

Congratulations to the parish team!

- submitted by Jim Clinch

Stella Maris installation

2015 ATOS National Convention - Allen Hosts Concerts at Octave Hall
On Sunday, July 5th, theatre organist Lance Luce played two concerts at Allen Organs' Octave Hall as part of the 2015 ATOS National Convention.

The morning concert brought in about 200, while the afternoon's nearly 270. The audiences reacted enthusiastically to each performance and made many positive comments about the Allen T321Q.

After the concerts Barry Holben and Aram Basmadjian presented a historical overview of Allen Organ Company; its accomplishments and events that led to the development of the digital organ. Attendees were also able to tour the Jerome Markowitz Memorial Museum.

You can watch a sample of Lance's performance here.

LETTER TO ALLEN - Committee Reaction To Allen Factory Tour

In today's busy world, it can be a challenge to get prospects to visit the Allen factory. But, as our New York dealer will attest, the reaction of a committee he brought to the Allen Organ factory made the effort all worthwhile. After their return home members of the committee sent thank-you notes to our dealer, one from which is reprinted below.
"Thank you for arranging a wonderful day at the Allen Organ factory. Although you described how the organ was custom built, I would not have understood what an exacting and labor intensive process it is without visit to the factory. The tour of the factory was amazing. As a retired Director of Human Resources, my eye is trained to look in many areas. I saw an immaculately clean factory, employees industriously at work, employees taking pride in their work, and a well-organized and safe work environment. It was evident to me that the factory enjoys an excellent work ethic which insures a quality built instruments and that the company must treat their employees well.
I was overwhelmed when I saw and then heard the beauty of our new organ. It truly is a masterpiece - one that the parishioners of Immaculate Conception can be proud of for many years to come."

Allen Video on the Web

If you haven't heard by now, starting in August, Maestro Hector Olivera will be performing special engagements, across the country, through the Allen Organ Artist Program! Maestro Hector Olivera performed several of his favorite selections on the Allen Quantum/Custom Q475 at Octave Hall. Here is one of them. Enjoy!

  Watch Video:  Coronation March - Maestro, Hector Olivera

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Nothing tells the Allen story better than the sound of our instruments. Recordings of an Allen organ are the next best thing to hearing one in person. In each e-notes we feature a few selections that demonstrate the pipe-like quality of our digital organs in a wide variety of musical styles. Enjoy these selections!

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Classical Selection Wachet Auf, Ruft Uns Die Stimme; J.S. Bach
Performer: Allen Organ Staff Organist
Suite: Schlicker
From: The Sounds of Bravura™

Religious Selection Jesus Shall Reign; arr. Tom Hazleton
Performer: Allen Organ Staff Organist
From: Music From The Chancel™

Theatre Selection Galloping Comedians; Kabalevski
Performer: Jonas Nordwall
From: Bravo! Performances by Allen Artists

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Thank you all for your votes last month and for your enthusiasm! The previous Organ of the Month winner was the Quantum™/Custom Pipe/Digital Combination Two-tone Oak/Walnut Finish Four-Manual. Click the link below to visit the AllenOrgan.com site for photos and more!

Choose your favorite from the list below. In the next issue of e-notes, we will let you know which one of these beauties was the readers' choice for Organ of the Month!

For July/August 2015 the contestants are:
• Quantum™/Custom Two-tone Oak/Walnut Finish Two-Manual
• Heritage™ Quantum™/Custom Two-tone Walnut/Oak Finish Four-Manual
• Quantum™/Custom Walnut Finish Three-Manual
• Quantum™/Custom French-Terrace Style Oak Finish Three-Manual
• Bravura™ with optional Drawknob Package Oak Finish Three-Manual
• Quantum™/Custom Oak Finish Three-Manual
• Bravura™ Pipe/Digital Combination w/ opt. Drawknob Pkg Walnut Finish Three-Manual
• Quantum™/Custom Oak Finish Three-Manual

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