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  July 2012

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Allen News

Highlights of New Models and Products introduced at the
2012 Allen International Sales Seminar

NEW! The Allen Portatif™
The Portatif™ speaker enclosure and façade is a wonderful way to augment Allen consoles with 4-channel, self-contained audio systems. Portatif™ becomes an integral part of the organ console.

The façade features a center section of polished pipework, flanked by gloss maple embellishments. Portatif's upward-facing 4-channel speaker system parallels the instrument's kneeboard audio system, creating omni-directional and room-filling sound. Add the look and ambiance of real pipes to your Allen with Portatif™! MORE >>

NEW! RM 63 Designer Organ
This 63-stop Randy Miller Design combines newly acquired organ voices with select favorites from the Allen tonal library. Employing Allen's advanced Quantum™ technology, the organ is designed with the primary purpose of leading traditional worship. The stop list includes large scale chorus voicing, keen reeds, a variety of solo voices, an independent Cornet V, and sounds as delicate as the Flute Celeste. The organ incorporates a 24-channel Multi-Point™ audio system. The unique audio design employs smaller speaker cabinets for upper-range voices allowing this expansive audio system to produce sound with impressive clarity and spaciousness, yet fit comfortably into chambers of moderate size. MORE >>

NEW! RL 58 Designer Organ
This 58-stop Rudy Lucente Design is the culmination of his many years of experience in the Catholic music tradition. Employing Allen's advanced Quantum™ technology, the organ is designed with the versatility for both worship and concert use. The stop list includes principal choruses on all divisions and independent Festival Trumpet. Stoplist Library™ offers the flexibility of seven specifications to compliment any style of music.

"The process of creating this organ was an exciting and rewarding experience. The combination of Allen's superior technology and their flexibility has resulted in a truly comprehensive instrument." - Rudy Lucente MORE >>

NEW! Vista Navigator™ and Vista Navigator II™
Smoothly integrate hundreds of exciting sounds and digital recording devices with your Allen organ in a simple-to-use and attractive design. Features include onscreen On/Off controls for each voice within a preset, "Quick Edit" individual voice adjustment, intuitive integration with MIDI-capable Allen organs and presets operated from the organ's pistons.

Additionally, Vista Navigator II exclusively features video playback, pre-recorded video tutorials and demonstrations, self-contained speakers for audio playback of video files, headphone connection (video files audio only) and optional remote video camera monitoring. MORE >>

For more information on these and other new Allen products,
please contact your local Allen Organ Dealer or call 610-966-2202.

Allen Abroad

New Apostolic Church
in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

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The construction of the New Apostolic Church in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany was completed in June of 2012 and has a seating capacity of 600. The church's nave is marked by a strategically located architectural dome which creates an acoustic environment unmatched by many of today's newly constructed houses of worship.

The Allen Protégé 321e organ's speakers are integrated behind two pipe façades to the left and right of the sanctuary. Although the distance between the pipe cases measures more than 65 feet, the magnificence of the organ's sound was in no way compromised, thanks to Allen's expert voicing coupled with superior church acoustics.

The Allen three-manual, 38-stop instrument is adorned with a special white lacquered finish. This organ is one of 42 Allen instruments installed since 2009 in New Apostolic Churches in Germany replacing many older analog and digital organs from a variety of European builders. The congregation cited their reason for selecting an Allen Organ as high quality in both pipe sound and craftsmanship.

To see photos of this instrument, please visit: visit: www.allenorgan.com/germany42

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Watch world renowned Diane Bish demonstrate the Firey French Reeds, Sparkling Flutes and Lush Strings on one of her Signature Series Organs.

Watch Video: youtu.be/4dyubeaX7jU

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Free MP3 Downloads

Nothing tells the Allen story better than the sound of our instruments. Recordings of an Allen organ are the next best thing to hearing one in person. In each e-notes we feature a few selections that demonstrate the pipe-like quality of our digital organs in a wide variety of musical styles. Enjoy!

To Download: right click on the song title, then click "Save As".

Classical Selection Orchestral Fantasy; Hegarty,
Performer: Allen Organ Staff Organist
From: Colors of Quantum

(Performed on a Two Manual Quantum organ; MIDI: Allen Vista Navigator; Quad Suite: American Classic)

Religious Selection Benedictus; Alec Rowley,
Performer: Allen Organ Staff Organist
From: Protege Chamber Series

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Organ of the Month
Organ of the Month

Thank you all for your votes last month and for your enthusiasm! June's Organ of the Month winner was the Quantum™ Two-tone Walnut and Oak Five-Manual . Click the link below to visit the AllenOrgan.com site for photos and more! http://www.allenorgan.com/www/allenews/organoftheweek/2012/20120319/OrganOfTheWeek.html

Choose your favorite from the list below. In the next issue of e-notes, we will let you know which one of these beauties was the readers' choice for Organ of the Month!

For July 2012 the contestants are:
Combination Pipe & Digital Protégé™ Walnut/Colonial Two-Tone Three-Manual
Combination Pipe & Digital Quantum™ Oak Custom Finish Four-Manual
Chapel™ Oak Finish Two-Manual
Protégé™ Oak Finish Three-Manual
Quantum™ Walnut Finish Three-Manual

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