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  November 2011

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Dear e-notes readers:

It's always a pleasure to walk through the Allen factory. Besides the opportunity to say "hi" to the factory staff and get some exercise, (it's quite a hike to cover all 300,000 sq. ft.) it's a chance to see beautiful and unique instruments under construction. This issue of e-notes provides glimpses at a few of these gems and their ultimate destinations.

We've recently expanded the Allen website with a video series called "Behind the Scenes". www.allenorgan.com/www/video/index.html These videos explain unique aspects of notable Allen organs as they near completion in the Allen factory. We hope you'll visit this section of the website often to see the latest additions. A link to the latest "Behind the Scenes" video is included below. It features a pipe combination organ destined for installation at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX, one of the world's largest seminaries.

We hope you'll enjoy this e-notes and the month ahead! And, from all the Allen Organ Company staff and associates, Happy Thanksgiving!

Barry Holben
Vice President, Sales
Allen Organ Company

Latest News From Allen

Allen Played for 100,000

In September of this year, Pope Benedict XVI visited Germany. This was the 84-year-old pontiff's first Papal visit to his native country, but it was not the first time an Allen Organ has graced his Holiness with inspiring organ music! Allen organs have provided music for Pope Benedict's celebration of Mass in the United States, Australia and Portugal. On this occasion, an Allen three-manual digital organ was played during the open-air Mass at Freiburg Airfield, where some 100,000 people attended the service. The organ was provided by Musikinstrumente Cremer of Pulheim-Brauweiler Germany.

A Letter of Appreciation

What a Wonderful Experience!
St. Paul of Maybee, MI - Evangelical Lutheran Church

Several months ago, a new organ was just a "pipe dream". for Sharon Northrup, St. Paul's celebrated organist. Sharon had been playing the old Conn organ since 1973 when the organ was installed and she began her tenure at St. Paul's.

"The cost to replace the Conn seemed astronomical, considering the church's budgetary concerns." The call went out, and the response was amazing! Pledges large and small poured in, and St. Paul's could soon see that a new Allen was a real possibility---the result of true congregational teamwork! "...our old organ played like a keyboard", said Sharon, "This one plays like a pipe organ! And when I used the chimes, tissues were coming out downstairs! This is a tremendous worship offering!"

Below is a letter from Sharon to Evola Music, the local Allen Organ Dealer located in Bloomfield Hills and Canton, Michigan. Thank you, Sharon, for your kind words!

Allen Organ purchase from Evola Music Company
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Maybee, MI
September 21, 2011

What a wonderful experience we had working with Evola Music and Mr. Lance Luce. Things went so smoothly from start to finish.

Our church had an old Conn organ which served us well for 38 years. But when we began having problems and the builders of Conn Organ had gone out of business, we needed a new organ. We contacted Evola and met with Mr. Luce. He immediately came to our church in Maybee, Michigan to find out our needs. Without being "pushy" he was able to determine what was needed to supply a church the size of ours.

At this point we had NO funds to buy an organ and he volunteered to help us with a fund raising project. Being the stubborn German Lutherans we are, we decided to try it alone. In less than a month we had a secret pledge system in place and raised the $26,000 necessary to purchase our new Allen.


Watch the installation video here:

Allen Installation of the Month

Englebrekt Church, Stockholm, Sweden
Four-Manual, 138 stop control, 92 digital stop,
Quantum™ Organ

The Engelbrekt church was dedicated in 1914. It was designed by professor Lars Israel Wahlman who merged the architectural styles of the Scandinavian stylistic expression with the then contemporary, "Jugend" style. The structure became a Scandinavian landmark representing the spirit of the arts and crafts architectural movement.

Two of the most remarkable features of the Engelbrekt church are the ornately elaborate speaking pipe façade and the unusually large organ loft, which has room for several large choirs and an orchestra - up to 120 musicians! The loft has been fully utilized every Good Friday, since 1923, when Bach's St. Matthew Passion is performed. The nave, seating 1400 people, is generally filled to capacity during the annual service.

A Brief History of the Engelbrekt Organs:

Circa 1914
Engelbrekt's first instrument was built by Swedish organ builders E A Setterquist & Son of Örebro. It had a specification typical of its time, with 40 speaking stops, 3 manuals and pedal. The action was mechanical/pneumatic and the console was in front of the prospect (pipe façade).

Circa 1929
After only 12 years the parish agreed that a larger instrument would be more appropriate in the vast space of this huge church and a contract was signed with P.L Åkerman & Lund organ builders. The new organ was going to be more than twice as large as the first. With 95 stops it included a Choir organ, "Fernwerk" (situated in the tower) and a high-pressure division. The organ had electro pneumatic action - the technology preferred at the time - and was inaugurated in 1929 with specifications typical of the Swedish romantic era.

Well into the next decades, the "Organ movement" was slowly building in Europe. Its goal was to reclaim the ideals of the baroque era. And so, the Englebrekt organ underwent constant alterations between 1929 and 1955. In the end it reached the staggering sum of 101 stops claiming its place as the second largest church organ in Sweden.

In 1964, Engelbrekt church built a new organ desiring to further accomplish all the goals of the Organ movement. It was inaugurated at the church's 50-year jubilee and was comprised of 86 stops over 7 divisions, played from 5 manuals and pedal. The completely mechanical action (both playing and registration) made it unique in Northern Europe.

Decades passed until it was recently determined that a new choir organ was needed. Integrating a new instrument in the existing architectural environment proved to be a challenge. The delicate "whole-concept" of the central point of the church was not to be disturbed. Additionally, the structure was guarded by the antiquarian authorities.

To install a really useful, versatile and well sounding-organ, the parish decided the best solution would be a totally "invisible" instrument. Therefore, a larger pipe-organ would be ruled out, making a digital instrument the only solution. Stefan Therstam, Organist, Engelbrekt church and Professor, Royal College of Music, Stockholm said, "Knowing the capabilities of the Allen Organ Company's instruments for nearly a quarter of a decade, and through the knowledge and expertise of organist and Allen representative Per Frendahl, I had no hesitation when recommending that the parish should choose a custom built Allen organ to fill our needs. Now, after some months of use we feel we have really made the right decision." He continued, "Being one of the most important church music venues of Sweden's capital Stockholm, the Engelbrekt parish has, in this Allen Organ, acquired a whole new palette of musical opportunities".

Click here to see images of this historic church's interior.

For a stunning 360 degree tour of the interior and exterior of Englebrekt church visit:

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Behind the Scenes at Allen Organ:
Combination Pipe and Digital Instrument in Final Testing - PART 2

We're back in the final testing department, but this time with a rare, extended console organ (with custom curly maple accents). When installed, this console will control a vast array of pipes in addition to its digital voices. With four manuals and 158 stop controls, this huge instrument took more than a year to go from design to completion. See the instrument from the inside and hear Voicing Expert Randy Miller explain this unique technological wonder!

Watch this PART 2 of "Behind the Scenes: Combination Organ" video here:

PART ONE: http://youtu.be/zD-Gj-gkB8k

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Nothing tells the Allen story better than the sound of our instruments. Listening to recordings of Allen organs is the next best thing to hearing them in person. In each e-notes we feature a few selections that demonstrate the pipe-like quality of our digital organs in a wide variety of musical styles. Enjoy!

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Classical Selection Transcription our orgue par Lionel Rogg, Maurice Ravel
CD: Revelation, Organist: Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard

Religious Selection Psalm XIX, Marcello
CD: Meet the Protege, Organists: Allen Organ Company Staff Members

Theatre Selection Blue Tango
CD: Live at the Rialto, 2005, Organist: Lyn Larsen with Dwight Beacham

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Quantum™ French-terrace-style Oak Three-Manual
Quantum™ Oak Three-Manual

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