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October 2010

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Dear Allen Owners and Enthusiasts:

We asked, readers responded! Over the last few months, we've invited owners of vintage Allen organs to share their ownership stories with us. The accounts we've received have been amazing! Each month we'll share one of these "longevity" stories. If you've got one of your own, be sure to let us know!

Barry Holben
Vice President, Sales
Allen Organ Company

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Heritage™: An Allen success story

In 2003 Allen Organ Company introduced the Heritage™ program whereby customers could enjoy custom designing the appearance of their instruments. Visitors to the Allen website can experiment with various appearance options using the on-line Heritage Designer and, if they choose, submit a design to Allen Organ Company for a price quotation.

Many beautiful and distinctive Heritage consoles have been built - some have stretched the envelope and tested Allen's manufacturing resources, while others feature subtle and understated variations - but all of them are unique, one-of-a-kind organs that are a joy to behold.

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Allen Installation of the Month

St Anne's Church, Portmarnock,
County Dublin, Ireland
Quantum™ 37 Stop / Two-Manual

St Anne's Roman Catholic Church was refurbished in 2007. For a number of years their old electronic organ was only partly working. A number of electronic organs were considered as well as combination pipe-and-digital organs. After visiting the Irish Allen Organ representatives, Jeffers Music Company in Cork, the church organists made the decision to purchase a new Two-Manual Quantum Q265D finished in custom American White Ash with a matching-finish adjustable-height bench. The church's three organists offer their comments regarding their new Allen:

"At a special Mass last week the organ came into it's own. The choir and congregation sang as never before. We attribute this to the wonderful support from our new Allen organ. I am really enjoying this new experience of the best of organ technology."
- Patricia Mackenzie, Organist.

"This instrument has exceeded all our expectations and we look forward to many productive years of organ-based church music on the new Allen digital organ."
- Colin Mackenzie, B. Mus.

"We are absolutely delighted with the new Allen 265D - compliments are never ending. Our new Quantum does all that is required of it in congregational and choral accompaniment and is superb in voluntary playing. Superlatives abound re: the new instrument."
- Tony O' Dwyer, Organist

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Paul & Marjorie Ferrin:
We believe our Allen organ qualifies age-wise!

We still enjoy it after all of these years and it has given us wonderful service. My wife Marjorie has served as my organist the entire time that I have been a Minister of Music at various churches. Our first introduction to an Allen organ was in Memphis, Tennessee. She fell in love with the instrument and enjoyed playing it for several years.

We than moved to Bethel Church in San Jose, California, and once again we were thrilled to find out that Bethel had an Allen! While on staff at Bethel, we built a beautiful new Church complex and it was our privilege to purchase three new Allen organs at the same time (for our Sanctuary, Chapel and Choir Rehearsal room). We were featured in Allenews as the first church to purchase three organs together. Later we served on a church staff in Sacramento, California that had four Allen Organs.

I felt it was time that Marjorie had an Allen in our home. It was a total surprise to her! Our wonderful Allen Dealer, Steven Music, called and ask if she would be home that day as they were going to deliver her new Allen Organ. It has been in our home ever since and used many hours. Marjorie and I have played organ and piano duets since we were 14 years of age-that was actually how we met! We are still playing duets after 56 years of marriage as we travel the US hosting "Old Fashioned Hymn Sings." Allen still remains my wife's favorite instrument.

- Paul & Marjorie Ferrin, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Organist Diane Bish plays the new hybrid Diane Bish Signature Organ
by the Allen Organ Company at the De Vos Chapel in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Londonderry Air for Organ

G.F. Handel, Hornpipe from Water Music at De Vos Chapel

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Free Downloads

Nothing tells the Allen story better than the sound of our instruments. Next to hearing one in person, recordings are the best thing. In each e-notes we will feature a few selections that demonstrate the pipe-like quality of our digital organs in a wide variety of musical styles. Enjoy!

To Download: right click on the song title, then click "Save Target As".

Religious Selection • I Call To Thee, Lord Jesus Christ
J. S. Bach - CD: The Sound of Quantum

Classical Selection • Largo from Xerxes
Handel, arr. C. Curley - CD: Meet the Protégé™

Theatre Selection • Miss Celie's Blues
Jones & Temperton - Dwight Beacham - CD: George Wright Renaissance Unit Orchestra

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Organ of the Month
Organ of the Month

The "Organ of the Week" feature of the Allen Organ Company website has become a favorite among Allen owners and enthusiasts. We are going to take it a step further on e-notes by inviting readers to pick their favorite from several Organs of the Week. Choose your favorite from the list below and, in the next issue of e-notes, we will let you know which one of these beauties was the readers' choice for Organ of the Month!

For September 2010 the contestants are:
• Chapel™ Oak Finish Two-Manual
• Allen Elite™ Opus VII Two-Tone Oak Finish Four-Manual
• Heritage™ Two-Tone Walnut and Oak Finish Three-Manual
• Quantum™ Oak Finish Three-Manual

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