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November 2010

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Dear Allen Owners and Enthusiasts:

We asked, readers responded! Over the last few months, we've invited owners of vintage Allen organs to share their ownership stories with us. The accounts we've received have been amazing! Each month we'll share one of these "longevity" stories. If you've got one of your own, be sure to let us know!

Barry Holben
Vice President, Sales
Allen Organ Company

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Latest News From Allen

The very first Allen Digital Organ, manufactured
in 1971 and originally installed in
St. Andrew's Lutheran Church,
Easton, Pennsylvania

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of Allen Organ Company

Click here for more information about
the first Allen Digital Organ:
Allen Organ Acquired by Smithsonian Institution

Steve Markowitz, President of Allen Organ Company,
receives the Congressional Record Commemorative Plaque
from United States Congressman Charles Dent

Allen Organ Company Recognized by United States Congress

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the 40th Anniversary of the Allen Digital Computer Organ. This Anniversary serves to remind us of the key role that our Company, employees and dealers have played in bringing the digital revolution to sound production to the world. In late September, unbeknownst to the Company, Allen was honored on the floor of the United States House of Representatives for this milestone. Last week, Representative Charles Dent from Pennsylvania visited the Allen factory to present a plaque commemorating the words he entered into the Congressional Record a few weeks earlier. Those words are included in full below.

Allen Organ Company is humbled and honored by Representative Dent's words entered into the Congressional Record. It not only serves to remind us of our heritage, but the ongoing commitment we have toward furthering the art of organ music:

Mr. DENT. Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor the Allen Organ Company, which was founded in Allentown, Pennsylvania, by Jerome Markowitz, in 1937.

We are fast approaching the 40th anniversary of the technology used in the Allen Digital Computer Organ, the world's first digital instrument. Introduced the same year as the digital calculator, these were the first two applications of the digital technology that is so prevalent in our world today. For nearly 40 years, digital music has provided quality, versatile, and economical music to performing artists and houses of worship.

In 2004, the Smithsonian Institution acquired the very first Allen Digital Organ, which was manufactured in 1971 and originally installed in St. Andrew's Lutheran Church in Easton, Pennsylvania. This recognition is a great honor for the Allen Organ Company and the inventive people in my district who have been crafting high-quality instruments for decades.

Today, the Jerome Markowitz Memorial Center serves to display the technological advancements that Allen Organ has made over the years which have contributed to the advancement of electronic music. Allen Organ's early advances in digital technology paved the way for modern digital sound devices, such as CDs, personal computer sound cards, and portable media devices. From the company's first patent for an analog organ in 1938 through the digital revolution, Allen Organ has been a pioneer in the advancement of electronic music.

Jerome's son, Steve Markowitz, is currently the president of the company, which has been run by the same family for seventy-three years. From humble beginnings, the Allen Organ Company now employs roughly 200 of my constituents in the Lehigh Valley and has installed 80,000 instruments in more than 80 countries. In closing, Madam Speaker, I would like to applaud the Allen Organ Company and its employees for their enduring dedication to the furtherance of digital music technology.

Allen Installation of the Month

Heritage H-III 390 80 Stop /Three-Manual
installed in the residence of
Jim Cary, Southern California

Jim Cary's Heritage™ H-III 390 instrument is an outstanding example of installation ingenuity combined with a "can-do attitude" and Allen's patented Quantum™ technology.

A former Allen "Organ of the Week" selection, this beautiful, classically-styled console is installed in a home worthy of its "Heritage" (pun intended).

Click here to see this instrument featured as Organ of the Week:

Click here for photos and a full description of this installation:

To design your own Heritage instrument click here:

You mentioned 1960-70 organs. How about 1952?

The attached picture is of a 1952 TC-2 organ. It served the Munger Avenue Baptist Church in Dallas from 1952 until about 1985. It was replaced by a new organ.

In 1985 I bought the console out of the back warehouse of the dealer for $300. The amplifiers and two speaker cabinets had been left at the church. They were installed in wall recesses about 10 feet above the floor. About a month later a friend of mine and I removed these from the church, so I had a complete original TC-2.

This organ served as my home organ until 2008 when we purchased a new Chapel series organ. I gave the TC-2 to an organist friend of mine where it is still in use today.

David Banks

Oops... Please note: In the September 2010 issue of Allen e-notes we incorrectly stated that Mr. Frederick Muller plays a weekly pre-movie concert on the Newton Theatre organ. Mr. Muller actually plays weekly pre-movie concerts on the Lyn Larsen LL-324Q-SP at Bristol Glen Retirement Community. We apologize for the error.

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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Barry Holben performs his arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on a four-manual Allen Quantum organ at Octave Hall utilizing the Allen Vista sound module.

Randy Miller performs Christmas Selections
Jingle Bells, You'd Better Watch Out, and Here Comes Santa Claus performed live by Randy Miller on the Allen 4-manual STR-4 Theatre Organ.

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Free Downloads

Nothing tells the Allen story better than the sound of our instruments. Next to hearing one in person, recordings are the best thing. In each e-notes we will feature a few selections that demonstrate the pipe-like quality of our digital organs in a wide variety of musical styles. Enjoy!

To Download: right click on the song title, then click "Save Target As".

Religious Selection • Kyrie (Mass in C# Minor)
L. Vierne - Hazleton - CD: Echoes of the Basilica

Classical Selection • Fugue in C
Dietrich Buxtehude - CD: The Sound of Quantum

Theatre Selection • Cuddle Up A Little Closer
Hoschna - Beacham - CD: George Wright Renaissance Unit Orchestra

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Organ of the Month
Organ of the Month

The "Organ of the Week" feature of the Allen Organ Company website has become a favorite among Allen owners and enthusiasts. We are going to take it a step further on e-notes by inviting readers to pick their favorite from several Organs of the Week. Choose your favorite from the list below and, in the next issue of e-notes, we will let you know which one of these beauties was the readers' choice for Organ of the Month!

For October 2010 the contestants are:
• Commemorative Chapel™ Oak Finish Two-Manual
• Quantum™ Oak Finish Three-Manual
• Quantum™ Oak Finish Two-Manual
• Heritage™ Two-Tone Oak and Walnut Finish Three-Manual

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