Combination Pipe & Digital Organs

Allen Organ

Meticulous Pipe Design...
Incomparable Digital Voices

Allen Combination Pipe and Digital organs are designed, built and installed with attention to detail that ensures truly artistic results, successfully melding the principles of traditional pipe organ building with 21st century technology.

At the heart of each instrument is a chorus of rich singing Principal stops, voiced to effortlessly fill the sanctuary while encouraging and enriching congregational singing. Added to this core of pipe sound are the realism, detail and flexibility of Allen's digital voices. The result is a seamless tonal diversity that supports varying styles of worship, choral accompaniment and organ literature.

Many churches choose to keep their beautiful and treasured pipework while adding Allen digital stops to their existing pipe organ, all controlled by a new Allen console. This allows the addition of advanced Allen MIDI technology and the unique audio versatility of EAC™ (Expanded Audio Capabilities)-thus creating an instrument that can lead their music program well into the future while preserving their cherished past.


Curved French Terrace

St. Timothy R.C. Church, Chantilly, VA, USA
Curved French Terrace Console

Allen completed a custom French Terrace organ console for a customer that features four curved terraces instead of the standard straight terrace design. This organ is a one-of-a-kind design with a massive console.

We hope you enjoy watching the story of this project as much as we enjoyed building the instrument.

See the step-by-step progression of this organ project.

See video of the project.


Spanga Project

Spånga Church, Stockholm, Sweden
European Oak Console

Allen completed a custom baroque-style organ console for a European customer. Not only is this console a one-of-a-kind design, but it is also made of a special European Oak wood. The wood for this special console was delivered to the Allen factory. We hope you enjoyed this project as much as we did!

See the step-by-step progression of this organ project.

See video of the project.

See the completed organ as an Organ of the Week.

See this completed organ here.


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