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When a congregation expresses its faith through music, there is only one instrument equal to producing a sound as elemental, eternal, and exuberant as its celebration - the church organ. The majestic sound of organ music will always be the sound of devotion. Sound that sweeps through the congregation in a wave of symphonic power. Sound you feel - in the soles of your feet and the depths of your heart. Sound that equals the spirit of your worship. The sound of an Allen Organ!

Our dedication to producing exceptional instruments is matched only by our commitment to providing unsurpassed customer service for the long term. Your congregation's organ is an important investment. With Allen's peerless quality, reliability and service you can convert cost into value and transform your music into a sound like no other.

Quality, craftsmanship, technological superiority... these are Allen hallmarks. With thousands of installations worldwide, Allen carries the banner of innovation into the 21st century!


Allen Organ

Since 1937, sound has been our passion. Allen's founder, Jerome Markowitz, dedicated his life to producing realistic and affordable pipe sound through technological innovation and advancement. Today, more than a hundred patents and seven decades later, our satisfied customers bear testimony to the achievement of Jerome's dream; Allen sound is unsurpassed in its pipe-like realism! And Jerome's passion lives on as his son Steven continues to manage the Company with an unwavering commitment to innovation and Allen's customers.

Quality Construction - Every Allen organ is a work of art that's built to last, created by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials and construction techniques. Plus, Allen builds more of its own organ assemblies to make quality affordable and ensure long-term parts availability.

The Choice of Professionals - Allen is the instrument of choice for professional organists throughout the world! More than 80,000 installations in over 70 countries on all 7 continents point to this preference!

Unique Features - Multiple stop lists, dynamic GeniSys Voices, a full-color touch screen display, and note-by-note voicing empower today's musicians to meet the demands of their varied musical programs.

Dependability & Service - Allen organs are the world's most reliable. And, when required, Allen provides incomparable service through national, and international, dealers supported by Allen's factory service experts.



1939 Allen sells world's first electronic organ, receiving Stable Audio Oscillator patent.
1946 Allen sells world's first three-manual pipeless organ.
1954 World's first four-manual electronic organ built by Allen.
1970 Allen introduces computer capture action.
1971 Allen introduces the Digital Computer Organ (sampling) predating other builders' digital organs by 20 years. First Allen Digital Computer Organ resides in the Smithsonian Institution. Allen has since created the largest library of digitally sampled pipes.
1978 Allen introduces its second-generation MOS-2 organs with EPROM organ technology enabling stored stop sounds to be changed.
1983 Allen introduces ADC™ organs, its third generation digital technology with substantially more sound memory and musical versatility.
1989 Fourth generation MDS™ organs introduced with full MIDI capabilities.
1991 Allen granted additional sampling patents by US Patent & Trademark Office.
1994 Allen introduces advanced and ultra-efficient LED stop controls called Lumitech™.
1995 Allen introduces Optical Sensor Technology™ (OST) providing Allen's ultra-reliability in a velocity sensitive keyboard.
1997 Renaissance™, Allen's fifth generation digital technology introduced. "Firsts" include field-programmable stops, Flash memory (SoundMatrix™) and Active Pipe Response™.
1999 Allen granted patent by US Patent & Trademark Office for Renaissance technology.
2004 Allen introduces Quantum™, Allen's sixth generation digital organ with multiple stoplists, and Acoustic Portrait™ convolution reverb. 14 years later most digital organs continue to include outdated digital reverberation technology.
2005 Allen introduces Real Xpression™ technology. This exclusive feature enables Allen Organs' expression shoes to interact with the organ sounds and react the same way as a pipe organ would with Swell shades.
2009 Multi-Point Audio™ introduced. Without the constraints of mono or stereo-based systems, Multi-Point Audio offers an unrivaled clarity of sound.
2015 Allen introduces GeniSys™, its seventh generation digital technology with an advanced software-based control system offering greater control efficiency and long-term sustainability.
2016 Allen introduces GeniSys™ Voices, increasing the organ's versatility with the addition of dozens of added high-definition sounds combined with the ease of traditional stops.
2017 Allen introduces GeniSys™ Display, the organ world's first full-color touchscreen offering ease-of-use and the most technologically advanced console interface control system. Organs without this type of advanced display and control are outdated, akin to a smart phone without a color touchscreen.
2021 Allen introduces GeniSys™ Organs with Apex™ Technology featuring 250 times the memory of previous organs, premium 32-bit DACs, multiple 64-bit quad core processers and gigabit ethernet.

Sales of Allen Organs are conducted through a network of local representatives. These representatives are factory trained in installation and service, as well as many other technical areas. Allen is represented throughout North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, and Asia. For more information regarding the Allen representative in your area, please click the Contact Allen link found throughout our web site.


Allen Organ

Due to overwhelming product demand, the Allen Factory experienced rapid growth since the early 1950s. In 1953, an air-conditioned silk mill was purchased in Macungie, Pennsylvania, and the Company's manufacturing was relocated. This facility became the first air-conditioned commercial woodshop in Pennsylvania. Today, with significant expansions to the original site, and more than 250,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Allen is the largest vertically integrated church organ builder in the world!

Factory Videos:

Electronic Manufacturing


Final Assembly

Service Commitment

Allen Organ

The Allen Organ International Sales Headquarters is located in Macungie, Pennsylvania USA. This facility annually hosts thousands of local, regional and international visitors.

Allen Organ

The complex includes Octave Hall, a 400 seat auditorium where Allen organs are demonstrated and public concerts are held each year during the Spring and Fall.

Octave Hall Video:

Organ Demonstration

Allen Organ

The Allen International Sales Headquarters also includes the Jerome Markowitz Memorial Center, a museum chronicling Allen's history. On display are many instruments which represent technological milestones in the development of the pipeless organ. The museum can be toured by appointment Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

NOTE: Memorial Center tours are currently postponed until further notice due to construction of our new Sales facilities. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Memorial Center Video:

Jerome Markowitz Memorial Museum



In 1969, Allen Organ Company partnered with North American Rockwell on a project that went on to change the world of music. Using technology developed for the Apollo Space Program, the companies packed the power of thousands of transistors into 1/16 of a square inch and used those transistor functions to store pipe sounds. For the first time, an electronic instrument recreated actual pipe organ sound using digital technology instead of merely imitating it with the older, analog method. It was the birth of sampling and the basis for virtually every recorded sound we listen to today.

The First Digital Musical Instrument

First Allen Digital Organ

The world's first digital organ, now in the Smithsonian, was originally built and installed, by Allen, in St. Andrew's Evangelical Church of Easton, PA in 1971. The church replaced it with a larger Allen in 1994.

Jerome Markowitz



Sampling Sound

Allen Organ Company pioneered digital sound technology.

Today it is the most integrated builder offering the highest quality products with unmatched customer support.