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  September 2011

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Dear e-notes readers:

It's hard to believe that summer is already winding down! We hope you have enjoyed these last few months and that you approach the fall revitalized and ready for new challenges.

This e-notes is a pleasant reminder that, in an age when the U.S. imports most of its products, in Macungie, things still work the opposite way. We build every Allen organ in our U.S. factory and export them to the world. (The largest protestant church in China has an Allen.) From South Africa to Scandinavia, the most discerning churches choose Allen to meet their musical needs. We hope you enjoy reading about our "Summer of Manufacturing". As the article notes "We are Builders" and we're proud of it!

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Fall is the time when most churches determine their priorities for the year ahead. If yours include the renovation, augmentation or replacement of an existing organ or an instrument for a new facility, we would be happy to meet with you, at no obligation, to discuss the wide range of musical solutions that Allen can provide.

Barry Holben
Vice President, Sales
Allen Organ Company

Latest News From Allen

Allen Organ at the Da Vinci Science Center, Allentown, PA

The Da Vinci Science Center, Allentown, PA is leading a regional "Summer of Manufacturing" initiative highlighting the powerful manufacturing-driven economy and culture throughout eastern Pennsylvania, and the cutting-edge manufacturing that will provide the future's products and services.

The "Summer of Manufacturing" is anchored by the Da Vinci Science Center's presentation of the "How People Make Things" exhibit, inspired by the Mister Rogers' Factory Tours.

The Allen Organ Company provided an interactive display and exhibit for Center visitors. Children and adults alike have been amazed to learn that the organ on display is the culmination of decades of pioneering technology, science, craftsmanship and quality components, most of which are made at the Allen Organ Company plant in Macungie, PA. Visitors can actually play a specially made Allen Q300D, with its inner workings viewable through a Plexiglas back.

The "I'm A Maker" video series, produced by the Da Vinci Science Center, introduces the men, women, and companies that make things in eastern Pennsylvania. To watch the videos, including an Allen Organ factory tour, visit the link below.

Manufacturing Summit

The Da Vinci Science Center and its "Summer of Manufacturing" partners held their first Lehigh Valley Manufacturing Summit in August. Nearly 100 educators, industry leaders, and elected officials discussed workforce development partnerships and initiatives.

"The 'Summer of Manufacturing' is the start of a long, deep regional conversation that allows manufacturers to illustrate their needs so our community can understand how to help them flourish for years to come," said Troy A. Thrash, the Da Vinci Science Center's Executive Director and CEO. "This conversation is open so manufacturing demands for workers can be met through an educational system that equips students with skills and real-world experience to thrive in the many incredible jobs that await them."

The Summit included a 60-minute Manufacturers Roundtable with Executives from Air Products, Allen Organ Company, ATAS International, Inc., B. Braun, and FLSmidth -- all local manufacturers.

"While the shapes and faces of manufacturing in eastern Pennsylvania have changed dramatically in a generation," said Thrash, "the making of important, innovative products in our region remains strong, as does manufacturing's presence as a force for economic prosperity now and in the future."

Watch the "I'm A Maker" video series. Click on the Allen Organ Company link under "Maker Profiles" here:

Allen Installation of the Month

The Friendswood United Methodist Church, Friendswood, Texas

The Friendswood United Methodist Church is the new home of an Allen Custom Five- Manual Quantum™ Pipe / Digital Combination Organ. Portions of the striking two-tone cherry-on-walnut organ console feature high-gloss finish. The instrument boasts 149 speaking stops spread over seven divisions. Much of the pipework is from a smaller M. P. Möller instrument that the church acquired.

"This combination Allen organ is remarkable, a blending of 2 instruments into one" said Rev. Terry Bebermeyer, Minister of Music at Friendswood UMC. "It enhances worship and supports congregational singing through the expertise of our organist and the flexibility of the instrument."

Lonnie W. Tanner, Organist at the Church said, "The installation has brought many new colors and sounds to our worship. The variety between reeds, brass, and strings combined with added features of handbells and celesta have added to the joy of leading hymns, bringing new interpretation to these 'wonderful words of life'".

The console also boasts tracker touch, keyboards featuring Ivora naturals and rosewood sharps, rosewood drawknob stems, rosewood pedal sharps, and maple overlays on tab stops. The Vista™ sound module further enhances the organ's capabilities.

The audio components are divided among three main chambers behind the working pipe façade, as well as a floating Echo division and Trompette DeFete that speak through separate audio in the ceiling of the church. "The expert digital voicing was amazing in that it matched and complimented the pipes adding the finishing touches to this cherished instrument!" concluded Rev. Bebermeyer.

Click the link below to see more images of the Friendswood installation.

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Rhapsody in Blue for Two!
Aram Basmadjian (piano) and Barry Holben perform Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" in a live performance at Allen Organ Company's Octave Hall. The orchestral score was arranged for organ by Barry Holben and combines traditional organ voices with sounds from the Allen Vista Navigator™ MIDI sound module.

For more information about Allen's exciting Vista Navigator™, visit:

Watch Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin

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Free Downloads

Nothing tells the Allen story better than the sound of our instruments. Next to hearing one in person, recordings are the best thing. In each e-notes we will feature a few selections that demonstrate the pipe-like quality of our digital organs in a wide variety of musical styles. Enjoy!

To Download: right click on the song title, then click "Save As".

Classical Selection • "Turkish March", Beethoven, arr. Curley
From: "Meet the Protégé"

Religious Selection • "Come Thou Font", hymn tune, arr. Bish
From: "Diane Bish Organ Favorites"

Theatre Selection • "Fiddle Faddle", Leroy Anderson
From: "Lyn Larsen Plays the George Wright Signature Series 319 Theatre Organ"

Click below to visit the music download page: http://www.allenorgan.com/www/store/maindl.html

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Organ of the Month
Organ of the Month

Thank you for your votes last month and for your enthusiasm! June's organ of the month winner was the Allen Heritage™ Two-Tone Oak and Walnut Finish Three-Manual.

Click the link below to visit the allenorgan.com site for photos and more!

Choose your favorite from the list below. In the next issue of e-notes, we will let you know which one of these beauties was the readers' choice for Organ of the Month!

For July 2011 the contestants are:
• Protégé™ Walnut Console with Antique White Finish Two-Manual
• Quantum™ Oak French-terrace-style Three-Manual
• Quantum™ Two-Tone Walnut and Oak Finish Four-Manual

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